Student Support Services TRIO Application

Student Support Services TRIO is a federal program that provides assistance with advising, transfer planning, career & major planning, financial literacy and tutoring in math & science.

If accepted to the program you will work with an SSS/TRIO advisor for advising and transfer planning on a quarterly basis.

Before completing this application please make sure you meet the following criteria.

You are qualified to apply for SSS/TRIO if you;

  • Are a U.S. citizen or registered permanent resident.
  • Have been accepted for enrollment or are currently enrolled at CBC.
  • Are one or more of the following:
    • Financially limited (according to federal guidelines).
    • A first-generation college student (neither of your parents obtained a bachelor's degree).
    • A person with a documented disability.
  • Have a 2.2 or higher college-level GPA.
  • Have earned a high school diploma or GED.
  • Are highly motivated to graduate and transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Test at the following levels in math, reading and writing skills:
    • 50 or higher in math
    • College-level reading
    • English 99 or above
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Academic Infomation:
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Personal Information:
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Do you have a disablity? *
Are you a U.S Citizen or Permanant Resident? *
Are you currently recieving financial aid? *
What makes you want to join SSS/TRIO? *
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Terms of Submission:
By submitting this application, you acknowledge that all of the above information is correct and accurate to the best of your understanding.

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Student Support Services/TRIO is a federal grant through the US Department of Education. When applying to participate we must verify your income status. Please review the following income levels to determine if you are considered low-income and then answer yes or no. Checking “No” does not necessarily mean you cannot participate in SSS/TRIO. If you are under the age of 24 you must also have your parent or legal guardian sign this form.

                                   ANNUAL LOW INCOME LEVEL

                                             Effective January 2022

                           Family Size                       Taxable Income

















Add $7,080 for each additional family member

According to the chart above my families taxable income is considered low-income. *
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